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Here are some comments from clients about their experiences working with me:

“ Lara has been an invaluable help in my life since I started working with her. She offers a calming, reasonable sounding board for issues that appear out of control and is able to work through the stressors in life without judgment or criticism. Her flexible hours and her willingness to adapt to my hectic schedule are vital to my ability to work on my self care.”

- L.V., 46

I was seeking out therapy to help me cope with a sexual assault I experienced, and I found Lara! She gently led me through processing what happened to me, and she helps me recognize when I am reliving my trauma and how to use useful grounding techniques when necessary.  I feel completely comfortable when I have sessions with her.  It is a relaxing environment and I feel like I can say anything without feeling judgment.

- M.Z., 18

" Lara is a great counsellor! She takes the time to closely listen to everything you have to say and finds the best way that fits your needs to help you cope. At the age of 28 I never thought I'd be able to start feeling more like myself again than I do now. Life is less chaotic since Lara has finally showed me what it means to be comfortable being me."

- K.S.

"Her calm demeanor and her ability to bring things into focus goes a long way to navigate complex issues and gain clarity. She's a guiding hand that doesn't push, but rather ensures you are headed the right direction."

- D.R, 42

Lara has a thoughtful approach to counselling, and she creates a welcoming and open environment where I am comfortable truly expressing myself, free of judgment. 

- C.S., 34

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